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Football Helmet Decals / Football Decals

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Now is the best time to get your football helmet decals ordered for next season!  Got a new mascot design?  Want a new design?  Send us your idea and the Pro-Tuff art department will bring your idea to life!  Upgrading your decals from one of our competitors?  Send us your old decal and we can match the design for FREE!

New football helmets require helmet stickers that apply easily...stick tight...and last throughout the season! That's why your football helmets require Pro-Tuff Decals! Our tough, 20 mil, cut-to-shape, flexible vinyl decals fit your helmet without buckling, cracking, fading or peeling. Our quality adhesive sticks tight without becoming gooey, yet can be easily removed at the end of the season for reconditioning. Whether you call them helmet decals, helmet stickers, helmet markers, helmet graphics or helmet logos...don't worry...despite the highest quality standards in the industry, our prices will beat any competitors' advertised price for a comparable decal. Find a lower football decals price? Then send us the competitor's catalog and WE'LL BEAT THE PRICE!

Giant Pro-Cut Mascots
Your mascot or logo-GIANT SIZED (over 50 square inches!)-with a special contour cut that allows the larger decal to conform better to the shape of the helmet.  See OVERSIZED pricing below. Add $3.50 each to STANDARD decal pricing shown below.
Full-Coverage Sets
Designed for maximum coverage! Combine an OVERSIZED Side Decal PLUS a Custom Multi Stripe. See Oversized pricing below (for oversized side decal) and add Multi-Stripe pricing (for center decal) here.
Oversized Side Decals
Designed to cover most of the side of a helmet. These decals are 36-50 square inches. See OVERSIZED pricing below. Add $5.50 each for optional Pro Chrome Metallic as shown in photo.
Full Headdress Decals
When only the most outrageously bold decal will do! These GOLIATH decals cover nearly the entire helmet! See special Headdress pricing at bottom of page.

To See Stock Mascots and Designs Click Here

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Price Chart

 Price per PAIR/
Imprint Colors
 1-Color  2-Color  3-Color  3-D Look
15-49 Pair $5.35 NOW $4.40 $5.60  NOW $4.70 $5.85 NOW $5.00 $5.85  NOW $5.35
50-74 Pair $4.45 NOW $3.60
$4.75  NOW $3.85 $4.95  NOW $4.10 $4.95  NOW $4.45
75-99 Pair $4.10 NOW $3.25
$4.35  NOW $3.55 $4.60  NOW $3.85 $4.60  NOW $4.10
100-149 Pair $3.85 NOW $3.05
$4.10  NOW $3.30 $4.35  NOW $3.55 $4.35  NOW $3.85
150-199 Pair $3.55 NOW $2.80
$3.75  NOW $3.05 $3.95  NOW $3.30 $3.95  NOW $3.45
200-249 Pair $3.35 NOW $2.70
$3.55  NOW $2.95 $3.75  NOW $3.20 $3.75  NOW $3.35
250+ Pair $3.10 NOW $2.60
$3.30 NOW $2.80 $3.50  NOW $3.00 $3.50  NOW $3.00
*Oversized and Wrap-Around add $1.50 per pair (any design over 36 square inches).
Add $.50 to above prices for MATTE FINISH decals. Add $3 to above prices for Pro-Chrome METALLIC.

Any design FROM 36-50 square inches. ADD $1.50 per pair to Price Chart above. Add $2 to above prices for oversize MATTE FINISH decals. Add $5.50 each for oversize PRO-CHROME METALLIC.


 Price per HELMET/
Imprint Colors
 1-Color  2-Color  3-Color
15-49 Pair $14.00 NOW $12.00 $14.50  NOW $12.50 $15.00 NOW $13.00
50-99 Pair $13.25 NOW $11.25 $13.75  NOW $11.75 $14.25  NOW $12.25
100+ Pair $12.00 NOW $10.00 $12.50  NOW $10.50 $13.00  NOW $11.00
Add $2 to above prices for MATTE FINISH decals. Add $8 to above prices for Pro-Chrome METALLIC.
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