7 Interesting Facts about License Plates That You Should Know

License plates facts

License plates, also known as registration plates, have been around for a long time.  Over the years, license plates have become standardized and are now an important part of every vehicle on the road.

Here are a few interesting facts about the evolution of license plates and how they came to be.

  1. New York was the first state to require vehicles to bear a license plate in 1901, but it was Massachusetts where the first state-issued plate was issued in 1903. Before the implementation of the state-issued license plate, New York residents made their own plates with their initials on the identifying tag.
  2. The first state-issued plate in Massachusetts was numbered as "1". The state issued 3,241 tags in 4 months, starting from  September 1st to December 31st, 1903.
  3. The first state-issued tags were made of iron with porcelain enamel covering. This made them extremely fragile and easy to break.
  4. In 1928, a potato was the first graphic to appear on a license plate in the state of Idaho.
  5. License plate size was standardized in 1957. Before that,  the sizes varied between jurisdictions depending on the number of characters to be added to each plate.
  6. Many people collect license plates and rare vintage plates as a hobby and often sell them for thousands of dollars later.
  7. During World War II, some plates were made from soybean-based fibreboard to conserve metals that were needed in the war.

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