How to Make Waterproof Stickers for Helmets

Are you a sports enthusiast? Do you like biking or cycling on the high roads or the mountainous trails or playing football? If yes, you would want your helmets to look stylish and cool.

Add newly created personalized stickers on your helmets to make them unique. Express your creative streak with unique decals for your helmets. But when you create decals for your helmet, make them waterproof so they will be durable and maintain their look.

Read on to learn how to make personalized waterproof helmet stickers.

waterproof helmet stickers

Are All the Helmet Stickers Truly Waterproof?

Not all stickers are waterproof. Some types of sticks are likely to resist water up to a certain extent, but not all stickers marked as waterproof are truly durable. Multiple factors are tested to check the durability of the waterproof stickers like the material and the printing, the lamination process and the adhesion qualities, the production of the sticker, etc.

Basic Difference Between Waterproof Stickers and Water-Resistant Stickers

Water-resistant stickers can withstand a few drops of water on them and repel them in the process. However, when it comes to regular exposure to water or the weather, water-resistant stickers will degrade over time.
In comparison, waterproof stickers can be submerged in water without getting damaged.

How Can You Make Waterproof Stickers at Home?

Yes, you can create waterproof stickers at home for your helmet! You must have the right materials to create waterproof helmet stickers. Vinyl is the best choice for you since the paper is highly absorbent and cannot waterproof stickers. Use vinyl adhesive with graphic film as the material for the stickers.

The adhesion of the vinyl should be of the best quality and should be sensitive to pressure so that there are no bubbles and peeling. Once the adhesive sticks to the vinyl material, it will not allow water to seep in. 
Lamination of the sticker is also a necessary factor. Waterproof vinyl stickers can be laminated in either glossy or matt format. It also makes the stickers UV resistant. Laminating the stickers will ensure they are safe from scratches and other marks. Most stickers, when exposed to various weather conditions, are bound to encounter external factors that can harm their looks.

Make sure to use the correct inks for creating the stickers. Only waterproof ink used in the printers can be ideal for the stickers. The ink must enhance the sticker image's quality and offer good pigment density with the right kind of gloss. It must also dry quickly so that no damage is done to the stickers.

Choose the Best Waterproof Helmet Stickers

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