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DIY Tips to Painting Your Own Lacrosse Helmet

Anybody who has ever stepped onto a field during a game of lacrosse can quickly attest to the importance of helmets. Without helmets, who knows how many serious injuries would occur during the game each and every year?However, not all helmets are made equal. If you’re an amateur player or you’re buying a helmet for your child, pre-printed versions may be unavailable or simply too expensive.Learn more about...Continue reading

Tips for Customizing Sports Helmets with Vinyl Decals

Without helmets, a variety of different sports can be downright dangerous. From football to hockey, you don’t want to be playing any sort of contact sport without the proper head protection.If you’re like most people though, you need to customize your helmet with vinyl decals. While the process might seem relatively simple, if it’s your first time doing it, you might need just a little bit of guidance.Keep...Continue reading

How Decals Make a Helmet Even Safer

Decals on a helmet help designate what team a player belongs to. They also give the appearance of a fierce competitor when applied properly. However, there’s a little more to decals on a football helmet that meets the eye.The fact is that there are some decals that can actually help protect your head. We all know football can be dangerous, so minimizing the risk, whether it’s for you or your child is very...Continue reading

Helmet Chinstrap: Choosing the Right Size and Style

Football helmets are immensely important to keep your head in one piece on the field, but there’s more to choosing one than meets the eye. Finding a helmet that fits you or your child properly could be the difference between a major injury and no injury at all.One of the main components you’ll need to look at is a helmet chinstrap. Use this guide to help you find the right style of helmet chinstrap and pick...Continue reading

Do Award Decals Really Work?

You’ve probably seen them before: the buckeye leaf stickers on the side of Ohio State football players’ helmets. This is arguably the most famous example of award decals for football. Many football coaches have been using them for years at every level of football play, from pee wees to the largest universities.The idea of decorating a player for achievement is nothing new. Soldiers have been decorated with...Continue reading

Quick and Easy Ways to Remove Old Helmet Decals

You need to remove those old decals from your football helmet. Perhaps you are sending it in to be reconditioned. Maybe you are changing the old school letter to a mascot design, or changing the color of your stripes. Whatever may be the reason, here are some quick and easy techniques using common items you may have around the house of gym.Depending on the quality of the decals, simply taking the edge of an...Continue reading

Football Helmet Decal or Football Helmet Sticker…What Difference Does It Make?

Like thousands of other football teams across these United States and around the world (and by “football” we’re talking good old American Football), your team needs football helmet decals. Or, perhaps you need football helmet stickers? You might even want football helmet markers…or football helmet mascots…or football helmet logos.Whoa! That sounds pretty confusing! What are we talking about when we want...Continue reading

How to Apply Football Helmet Decals Without Fear

Perhaps you are the new football coach, or volunteered to be the equipment manager for the football team. One of the first tasks you will tackle is applying your team’s decal on your freshly minted (or recently reconditioned) football helmets.You might be forgiven for waiting until the last minute to apply the decals. You want them to look perfect for opening kickoff. This is when you realize you had better...Continue reading