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Artwork Guidelines

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Our art department is always available to help you design the look you want at NO EXTRA CHARGE with your placed order.

In some cases (extraordinarily complex designs, multiple sponsor logos, multiple imprint colors, etc.), a nominal fee may apply. Please mail (via post office or delivery service) clean artwork or actual decals when matching an existing design.

Fax or email copies are okay for your rough sketch.

We recommend submitting finished art in “.ai” (Adobe Illustrator), “.cdr” (CorelDraw), “.eps” (Encapsulated PostScript) for fastest production time. Bitmap image formats such as “.jpg”, “.gif”, “.png”, “.tif” or “.psd” are also suitable if saved as high resolution.

High-resolution images of 5 MB and above are easily uploaded on the “Submit Artwork” page of our website at

Images from the web (Facebook, web pages, etc.) are rarely suitable for high resolution printing. Also, images embedded in word processing documents (such as Word or Works) are usually too small to be reproduced accurately.

Please allow additional production time for custom artwork. Art for Approval available on request. Please do not ask us to reproduce copyrighted artwork unless you are the owner or acting as an agent of the owner.

For all your special needs, custom orders, etc. visit our site or just call us at (800) 223-6936.

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