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How to Apply Helmet Decals

Before applying any helmet decal, stripe or award decal, make sure the helmet is clean and dry. Grease or dust will interfere with proper adhesion.

For a typical helmet decal application on the sides of the helmet, align the decal so that is will be level to the players head when the helmet is worn. Remove the backing paper and apply the decal carefully so that the center of the decal touches the helmet first.

Then, carefully press the decal down from the center out, so that the vinyl will conform to the curve of the helmet. Any wrinkles can be smoothed out with gentle pressure from the center to the edges of the decal. The decal may be peeled up and reapplied to remove wrinkles. Continue to smooth decal onto the surface of the helmet, gradually increasing pressure so that the decal is firmly in place.

For stripes: make sure the helmet is clean and dry. Remove face mask screws and bumper from top front of helmet. Peel backing paper a few inches from front of stripe. Align stripe over helmet and carefully begin pressing stripe into place as you peel backing paper. Smooth stripe into place, removing any wrinkles that may appear.

Pull neckband cover out of the way and smooth strip down to bottom end of helmet. Trim end of stripe and allow neckband to cover end. If stripe is straight, press and smooth the stripe so it is firmly adhered to helmet. If the stripe isn’t straight, it can be carefully peeled up and reapplied. Multiple Helmet Tapes should be applied from the center of the helmet to each side, aligning each additional stripe to the center stripe. When you are satisfied with your application, replace face mask bumper and screws.

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