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Earn Pro-Tuff Bucks with every purchase over $100!


With your purchase of $100 or more*, you can collect Pro-Tuff Bucks for added products to your current order or future purchases from Pro-Tuff Decals.

  • Your single order of $100-$999*, get 10% value in Pro-Tuff Bucks ($10-$99).
  • Your single order of $1000+*, get 15% value in Pro-Tuff Bucks ($150+).

Your Pro-Tuff Bucks can add up with more purchases, but your value percentage does not increase with multiple orders. NEW ORDERS ONLY. NO DEALERS.

*Purchase amount does not include shipping and taxes if any. The percentage value is determined by individual orders and may not be accumulated (for example One single order of $400 earns 10% value in Pro-Tuff Bucks, Two single orders of $600 ($1200 total) will only earn 10% value in Pro-Tuff Bucks. A SINGLE order must total $1000 or more to earn 15% value in Pro-Tuff Bucks.).

Pro-Tuff Bucks may be made towards any product offered by Pro-Tuff Decals. All purchases made with Pro-Tuff Bucks may only be made directly from Pro-Tuff Decals, not its affiliates or partners, within one year of your original order. The Pro-Tuff Bucks offer may be withdrawn at any time. Pro-Tuff Bucks can be transferred, shared, and accumulated. Questions can be answered by calling Pro-Tuff Decals at 800-223-6936 during normal business hours. Pro-Tuff Bucks are offered as a courtesy to our customers, are not legal tender, and have no cash value beyond their value toward Pro-Tuff Decals products. Earned Pro-Tuff Bucks expire in one year of your original order.