4 Easy Steps to Get Bubbles Out Stickers

Many of us frequently use vinyl decals for home decor, car decorating, scrapbooking and so on. The adhesive side of the sticker is pressed against a flat surface and using a squeegee the bubbles are pressed out. Some bubbles get trapped under the decals and are an eyesore. Smooth out bubbles under these stickers using the following steps:

steps to take bubbles out from stickers

Step -1 Prepare the Surface

The vinyl decal should be applied to a clean surface. Preparing the surface involves wiping the surface with a soft cloth after spraying with glass cleaner. Place the vinyl decal properly on the surface without removing the backing yet. Apply a masking tape across the top of the decal over the area you are applying it to.

Step - 2 Flip Up the sticker

Remove the backing to reveal adhesive and gradually withdraw the backing material at a sharp angle, beginning at the upper-right portion to display the decal. Carefully position the decal onto the surface by flipping it over. Use something with a hard edge like a squeegee to move it over the decal.

Step - 3 Poke the Bubbles

Inspect the decal to locate any air bubbles. With a straight pin or a razor blade tip, poke a small hole in the bubble. Apply pressure on the bubbles towards the edge to even them out. Holes wouldn't be visible in the decal after the bubbles are smoothed out.

Step - 4 Use Hairdryer

Stubborn bubbles can be removed using a hairdryer as the adhesive on the decal will soften upon heating. Apply heat to the decal for a minute by switching on and aiming the hairdryer towards it. Iron out the bubbles toward the sides of the decal to eliminate them.

Once, you have patiently removed the sticker without any damage. Check for any adhesive residue. That’s it! You can now relax and enjoy the fruits of your hard labor!


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