4 Essential Elements of Modern Locker Rooms

Whether it's an athletic facility for a professional team or a health club, the first thing you do after entering these premises is go to the locker room to store your belonging, change your outfit or use the washroom.

Modern Locker Rooms

There were times when locker rooms were considered as cramped, uncomfortable and smelly public spaces which were designed only to serve a large number of people. This common and often forgotten space in recreational premises is now a part of progressive business plans these days.

A locker room needs to be well-equipped and enhanced with all the basic requirements. This will help to increase the overall user experience and maintain the operational efficiency of the facility team.

Here's a list of all the must-have elements in modern locker room that functionally help to create a better experience for all the team members.

  1. Well Planned Floor Design The main aim of a proper flow worthy layout is to provide ample space utilization that allows comfortable personal space and efficient traffic flow with high usability. It includes a central circulation path that should allow room for at least two people to walk side-by-side. Users should be provided with private or semi-private changing space for both wet and dry areas. It's also necessary to ensure an unobstructed path to emergency exit for everyone while adhering to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

  2. Quality Locker Material Lockers are the main attraction of any locker room so its look and durability are very important. There are different types of materials available according to preferences but solid plastic lockers are the most durable and cost-effective option because they won't rust, dent or delaminate like metal or wooden lockers. These are even easy to maintain as dirt and graffiti can be easily wiped off with everyday cleaner. These lockers are available in various ranges of shades.

    Apart from appearance, upkeep, sustainability and cost difference between plastic and metal lockers play a major role. Although plastic lockers have higher initial cost, their longer life cycle and cost-effective maintenance balance the initial investment.

  3. Customized Lockers Locker units come in a variety of sizes for different storage needs. Proper analysis needs to done before installing these lockers as this will help in installing the appropriate locker units as per the requirement. For locked storage, there are many alternatives available to the traditional full size lockers. Locker baskets are also effective for open storage of bulky sports equipment. Even the space beneath the locker benches can be utilized with built-in lockers for extra storage.

    Apart from storage and other facilities of customized lockers, Protuff's custom locker decals is the best way to make your players feel inspired before kickoff and even after the game has ended.

  4. Proper Lighting A well-lighted space is an important design element that creates ambiance and gives an illuminated locker room experience. Placement of these lights is what matters the most. Lights placed above lockers or indirect lighting can create a welcoming atmosphere. Placing side lights at dry areas and vanities helps in applying makeup, grooming and shaving

These are some crucial features that every locker room must have in order to function properly and safely.


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