A Quick Guide to Apply Your New Helmet Decal

Applying customized decals on your helmet is a great way to display your achievement, team logo, motivational message, or support to social movements. The best part is that you can easily apply your helmet decals all by yourself.

Use High-Quality Decal with Great Adhesion

A cheap or thin decal will quickly fade or tear off. Therefore, make sure you use a high-quality, durable decal that is resistant to rigorous, athletic impacts. Before applying the decal, wipe your helmet with a microfiber cloth or use soap and water and let it dry completely. Any dirt or moisture on your helmet will make the adhesive less effective, thus making the decal tear off quickly. 

Painting Your Helmet Before Applying a Decal

If your helmet has changed color, you may be tempted to paint it on your own. However, doing so can cause more harm than good. 

  • As helmet decals are sticky, they will firmly attach to the paint, causing it to come off when you remove the decal. 
  • If you do not have the same old paint in hand, matching the new paint to the old one can be difficult. 
  • Even if you can match the paint color, you will experience uneven paint levels, making your helmet look cracked, substandard, and bumpy.
  • Many helmet and decal companies won’t provide a warranty/guarantee for their product modified by a non-professional. They consider painting-by-the-owner a modification, so they can decide not to replace, repair, or be responsible for painting-related damages. Therefore, make sure to get it done by a professional.

How Can I Make the Decal Fit My Helmet?

Follow these steps if your helmet decal arrived without being perfectly sized or shaped for your helmet.

  • If your decal is large and needs to undergo the face mask, remove the entire face mask and then apply the sticker.
  • If your sticker falls over cracks, edges, or holes, cut it with a blade or scissor to make it fit perfectly. 

How to Apply the Decal to Your Helmet

Place the helmet flat on a table and then:

  • Slowly peel the decal from the back without tearing, wrinkling, or touching the adhesive. 
  • Apply the center of the decal to your desired spot.
  • Make sure it is perfectly positioned in the right spot. (Otherwise, carefully remove it and repeat the above step until you place it right). 
  • Firmly press the decal’s edges from the center using your thumb and palm until it is tightly attached.
  • If there are any wrinkles, carefully pull up the decal and re-stick until it sits flat on the helmet.

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