Why Your Baseball Helmet Decals May Only Last One Year

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Baseball season is starting, and you’re wondering why you have to replace those batter helmet decals you just purchased last year! What happened?

Incredibly, batter’s helmet decals face some rigorous treatment that even football helmet decals don’t face. Baseball helmets are exposed to sand and grit from the infield, which can get between the decal and the helmet, slowly working its way under the decal until the adhesive becomes useless. Then, the decal edge is exposed which allows more sand and grit to come between the decal and helmet, undermining the adhesive. The decal begins to peel away, looking worse and worse and making a bad impression for your team!

Another culprit that might be sabotaging your baseball helmet decals in the players themselves! During those long innings in the dugout, anxious and restless players might find the edges of a helmet decal irresistible, and start nervously picking at the edges while waiting to take the field. This can be avoided by storing the helmets away from the players during and after each game and practice.

The most obvious reason why your helmet decals may only be lasting one season is because they aren’t the finest quality decals made especially for helmets. Standard-quality stickers just don’t have the thickness or stickiness to last through an entire season. Many stickers are imprinted on the outside surface, allowing sand and dust to wear away the logo, dulling the colors.

The best step to take to increase the useful life of your baseball and softball helmet decals is to start with the highest quality, toughest decals you can buy. The best helmet decals use a proprietary adhesive that inhibits peeling in the most extreme circumstances. The decal material is made specifically to conform to the curved shape of the helmet so that the edges don’t peel up to allow foreign matter to get inside. And the colors are applied underneath the surface of the decals and made to withstand years of abuse and remain vivid and true.

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