Best Personalized Gifts for Sports Fanatics

Every sports fan wants to support their favorite team and having a personalized item is the best way to cheer them on. From various types of clothing to locker nameplates, there are many items you can choose from that are both affordable and easy to use.

Best personalized gifts for sports fanatics

Bag Tags ($ 2.50 - $ 3.50)

Bag Tags

Personalized bag tags are a great way to help your student-athletes identify his or her sports equipment bags when they are at school, practice or a game. These custom bag tags are easily attached to the handle and come with an identification tag that you can write names on.


Locker Nameplates ($ 2.55 - $ 5.30)

Locker Nameplates

Personalized locker nameplates are a great way to support your team. Each player can have their very own locker nameplate with their name, team number, and team logo. At the end of the season, the player can take the nameplate home as a cherished memento.


Wall Decals ($ 14.99 - $ 52.99)

Wall Decals

School team wall decals can be made in almost any size and make great personalized gifts. They can be placed on most wall surfaces and can be easily removed. They are a great way for a student-athlete or a parent to show their support for their home team.


Gallon Cooler ($ 49.99 - $ 69.99)

Gallon Cooler

A 5-gallon team cooler, wrapped with your custom design, is a great way to show to your team that you care! Gallon coolers are sturdy and made in a way to ensure safe transportation and allow easy dispensing.


Bat Bag ($19.99)

Bat Bag

What can be better to organize your team’s equipment with personalized bat bags? They look professional during any games. This custom bat bag includes one-color print on one side. You can place your custom team design and place it on the front side of the bag. A bat bag compartment can hold up to 4 bats. They generally come with a shoulder strap for convenience in carrying them.


Custom Table Covers ($ 49.00 - $ 99.00)

Custom Table Covers

Custom table covers allow your loved one to proudly display the school crest, team mascot or company logo in full color! It can also be a great choise for a personalized gift item.


Imprinted Pillow Case ($ 7.99 - $ 9.99)

Imprinted Pillow Case

What will we dream up next? This classic 21” x 30” white pillowcase is custom imprinted just for your sports fanatic mates! Great for travel! This fits standard bed pillows


Custom Apparel and Hats

Custom Apparel and Hats

Caps, Hats, custom t-shirts, shorts, socks, and sweat outfits are all easily decorated to show team spirit. Pick your size and team color and have your child's name and number put on the back. Apparel items can be mixed and matched so you can create your own unique look.


Awards, Ribbons, Plaques and More

Awards, Ribbons, and Plaques

One of the best ways to show your support for your team is to create awards, ribbons, and plaques with your team logo. They are a great way to show your appreciation to the athletes who have worked so hard all year long.


At Pro-Tuff Decals, we have all of the items you need that will make it easy for you to show your sports fan how much you appreciate their support. They make great personalized gifts and can be given for almost any occasion. If you can't decide on one particular item, you can always buy several and give them out over the span of the year. Check out our catalogs now!

Pro-Tuff Product Catalog

Pro-Tuff Decals

Pro-Tuff Decals, based in Crystal Lake, Illinois, has been producing professional quality - customized sports helmets, sportswear, sports accessories, stickers, garments and equipment for customers of all age groups to stand out in leagues since 1987. We at Pro-Tuff takes every care to enliven the zest for sports which is fading gradually by creating logos, dog tags, car magnets, creative stickers with an option to customize as per your interest. We take pride in providing everything that a sports team needs and cheer them on fields that too in a quick turnaround time of just 48 hours.

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