Choosing the Best Compression Apparel This Football Season

Many football players look at compression gear as a must have for football season. Before you purchase your gear, make sure you know what kind of compression gear you need. For many players, having a few pieces of each type works best so that you have options of what to wear depending on your activities for the day. Knowing what type of compression gear works best for different types of activity will keep you cool, calm, and collected on the field and off.

Choosing the best compression apparel this football season

Thermal Compression

Thermal compression gear, also referred to as cold-weather compression, helps hold body heat in so you can work out longer without the cold temperatures making you feel uncomfortable. Different brands offer different levels of thermal capabilities so you will have to read the labels carefully before purchasing.

Non-integrated Compression

Non-integrated compression gear is form-fitting, lightweight garments. that allows for freedom of movement without being bulky and restrictive. These garments can be easily worn under your football pads. Additionally, sleeves, tanks, tights, and shorts can be worn under your pads and non-integrated compression gear to further lessen muscle vibrations and help your body to be more streamlined. Form-fitting non-integrated compression gear will keep you cool and comfortable whether you are wearing your pads or not.

Integrated Compression

Many football players are turning to integrated compression gear for maximum comfort. Integrated compression gear has the pads you need sewn right into the garment. There is no slipping, binding, bunching or shifting. The pads stay in place allowing you to comfortably and confidently play your best game. While integrated compression gear is more form-fitting due to the padding, the shirts, tights, sleeves, and pants offer protection where you need it without being overly binding and uncomfortable.

The comfortable, lightweight, and breathable fabric that is used to make the various types of compression gear wicks away moisture to help you keep cool. Your clothes won't be as sticky and you will be able to move without restriction. Your pads will also feel more comfortable. You will experience less rubbing and shifting, making it easier to concentrate on the game. During football season, you need to look, feel, and perform at your very best. Compression gear makes it possible to do all three.

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