Custom Floor Decals: The Best Innovative Way of Advertising

Custom floor decals are a great way to advertise and will keep your brand in full view no matter where your customer looks when they enter your shop or office. You have brand images on your doors, walls and outdoor signage, but what happens if your customer stares at the floor? Putting a custom floor decal on your floor puts your brand image on literally every large surface of your office.

Custom Floor Decals

Here's why custom floor decals are the best form of advertising:


3D Floor Decals - Img. source: imageworksmfg.comCustom decals are extremely durable and, when applied correctly, can withstand heavy foot traffic. If they are ever damaged in any way or begin to show signs of wear and tear, they can be easily replaced with a new one. The materials that decals are made off are extremely versatile. If they are applied properly, they create a smooth surface that blends in naturally with the floors original surface. This means there is no worry that someone will trip or the decal will be torn or damaged.

A Constant Reminder

Having a custom decal placed in the center of your office will attract attention. Customers who are waiting in line will sometimes look down at the floor. What better way to remind them where they are than to have your logo in plain view. Floor decals act as a constant reminder. The floor is often the one surface that doesn't have some type of decoration. Custom decals reinforce the brand, allowing every surface to act as a billboard.

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Use Them Anywhere

Custom floor decals can be used in almost every room and on every type of floor surface except for carpeting. Whether you have concrete, hardwoods, or linoleum tile/sheeting, decals can be easily applied, creating a smooth, non-skid surface that will withstand heavy foot traffic and constant cleaning.

Don't let the floors of your office be boring! Use custom floor decals to brighten them up a little. When people look at your floors, they won't be counting the number of tiles; they will be admiring how your logo stands out!

We provide durable and colorful floor decals that can easily be applied to any indoor surface. Call us at 800-223-6936 to learn more about how to order your custom floor decals.


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