DIY Tips for Old Football and Baseball Helmet

Reusing your old items rather than throwing away is always economical and ecological. If you are a football or baseball lover, you might have many helmets that were used when you were in school and are just kept lying around the corner of your house because you are too lazy or sentimental to throw them away.

DIY Old Football & baseball Helmet

So, here are some fun ways for reusing your old football and baseball helmets:

  1. Football Lamps – For ages, there has been a tradition of turning football helmets into lamps. Give your vintage football helmet a new look by creating a football lamp. Learn all steps to create your own football lamp from DIY Football Lamp.

    DIY Football Helmet lamp
  2. Football Helmet Snack Bowl – As a football lover, you love watching your game with yummy nachos and snacks, so enjoy your football game in this football helmet snack bowl.

    Football Helmet Snack Bowl
  3. Football Helmet into Planters – Old football helmets can make great DIY hanging flower containers. You can use football helmets for your garden. Convert your football helmet into a planter and add some greenery to your sports archives room.

    DIY Football Helmet Planters
  4. Baseball Helmet into Ice Cream Bowl – This can be another unique and fun way to transform your baseball helmet – use it as a bowl for ice cream.

    DIY Baseball helmet ice cream bowl

These are just some of the many ideas you can experiment with to make use of your football & baseball helmet that has been gathering dust over the years. So the next time you think of your college football helmet, look at it with a more creative eye!


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