DIY Tips to Painting Your Own Lacrosse Helmet

Anybody who has ever stepped onto a field during a game of lacrosse can quickly attest to the importance of helmets. Without helmets, who knows how many serious injuries would occur during the game each and every year?

However, not all helmets are made equal. If you’re an amateur player or you’re buying a helmet for your child, pre-printed versions may be unavailable or simply too expensive.DIY Tips to Paint your Lacrosse Helmet

Learn more about painting your own lacrosse helmet and giving it the perfect look that personalized touch you desire:

Clean Your Helmet

Lacrosse Helmet to clean

Before you do anything, the first step needs to be taking the time to thoroughly clean the helmet you want to paint. If it has any decals, carefully remove them and their entire related adhesive with a product that specializes in removing sticky textures.

Thoroughly wash your helmet and dry it with a clean towel. You don’t want any dirt, lint or anything else to get in the way of an even coat of paint.


Lacrosse Helmet after renovation

Your best bet when it comes to painting a lacrosse helmet is to simply use spray paint. Chances are a nearby hardware or art store will have the color you are looking for.

Once you’re done spray painting your lacrosse helmet, apply some sort of spray polyurethane for a touch of shine and to protect the paint. You can then apply team decals or add any sort of decoration to your helmet you want to use to truly personalize your helmet.

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