Football Helmet Decal or Football Helmet Sticker…What Difference Does It Make?

Like thousands of other football teams across these United States and around the world (and by “football” we’re talking good old American Football), your team needs football helmet decals. Or, perhaps you need football helmet stickers? You might even want football helmet markers…or football helmet mascots…or football helmet logos.

Whoa! That sounds pretty confusing! What are we talking about when we want those thingamajigs that decorate a football helmet? Turns out, everybody’s correct!

If you want to be technical about it, the thing that decorates a football helmet is ALL of these things.

Football Helmet Decal Football Helmet Sticker

According to most dictionaries, a “decal” is actually a shortening of the word “decalcomania” which comes from the French word for transferring a tracing from paper to glass, porcelain, etc.

  • A “sticker” is obviously something that “sticks.”
  • A “marker” is something used as a mark or indication.
  • And a “logo” is a graphic representation or symbol.

Any guesses as to where Pro-Tuff Decals stands on this issue? Pro-Tuff Decals makes football helmet decals (as well as decals for lacrosse, hockey, and baseball) using the best, most proven processes that start with an incredibly tough - yet flexible - vinyl and an adhesive that sticks tight throughout an entire season without peeling or becoming gooey. Your logo (or “marker”) is imprinted in bright, true colors in between! The thick, transparent vinyl protects your logo from the punishing course of a football season while allowing your team colors to proudly show through without smudging or scratching.

Source: Online Etymology Dictionary.


Pro-Tuff Decals

Pro-Tuff Decals, based in Crystal Lake, Illinois, has been producing professional quality - customized sports helmets, sportswear, sports accessories, stickers, garments and equipment for customers of all age groups to stand out in leagues since 1987. We at Pro-Tuff takes every care to enliven the zest for sports which is fading gradually by creating logos, dog tags, car magnets, creative stickers with an option to customize as per your interest. We take pride in providing everything that a sports team needs and cheer them on fields that too in a quick turnaround time of just 48 hours.

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