Football Helmet Purchasing Guide

Football is a full-contact sport that requires the right protective equipment to be worn at all times to minimize the risk of a potential injury. It’s important to wear a football helmet that is able to withstand a tremendous amount of force without being compromised.

When you are looking for the perfect football helmet, consider the following:

football helmet purchasing guide

The Shell of the Helmet

football helmet purchase guide - the shell of the helmet

The shell of the helmet is normally made from an extremely strong, yet durable plastic or polycarbonate alloy. Ventilation holes are strategically placed to manage heat and maintain the highest level of comfort possible. Many newer helmets have a unique air system that allows the interior padding to be inflated or deflated as needed for proper fit and comfort.


football helmet purchase guide - padding

Both pre-sized padding and inflatable padding system are available. Pre-sized padding can be either thick or thin, depending on the athlete's individual preference. Inflatable padding systems allow you inflate or deflate the pads from use to use so that both comfort and protection are maximized. Most types of padding can be swapped out as necessary to ensure that the helmet offers the most protection possible. This is also beneficial for when the padding begins to wear out since they can easily be replaced.


football helmet purchase guide - facemask

Helmets may or may not come with a facemask. Some have facemasks designed specifically for a particular helmet, while others offer universal fitting options so you can choose the right facemask for your needs. Facemasks are designed to be incredibly strong and lightweight which allows you to move freely without obstructing your view or limiting your range of motion.


football helmet purchase guide - extras

Extras can include mouth guards, vision protection, and even nose barriers that prevent these areas from being hit or injured during hard contact. Choosing the right chin strap is also important as it is what will be that helps to hold the helmet firmly in place. Some helmets are capable of having eye shields or visors attached to them as an additional layer of protection without blocking the field of vision. Football helmet decals will make your helmet stand out!

Proper Fit

football helmet purchase guide - proper fit

In addition to these important factors, the right size is essential. Choosing one that fits snugly and won't slide during play is important.

Each of these factors is important on their own, but it is important to consider them all if you want to find the best football helmet.

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