Football Helmets and Safety

Helmets have been the primary symbol of football for many years. Young athletes eagerly await their fresh, new helmets as a signal that the new football season has arrived and they made the team. Helmets also empower the players to be more aggressive during play, as well as symbolizing their membership on the team. Helmets are raised in victory and tossed in defeat. But what is the football helmet’s primary function?

In the beginning of football, there were no helmets. Rough and rugged players engaged in battle with very little padding overall, and the use of helmets as safety equipment was actually a later development in the evolution of the football uniform.

Football Helmets

There is a delicate balance between the safety that football helmets offer and the style of play that helmets and other safety equipment actually encourages. The case can be made that safety equipment has actually encouraged riskier play and the increase in certain injuries. Game rules have been continuously adjusted to increase safety as players’ equipment has become more efficient. For example, using the helmet as a defensive weapon such as spearing an opponent has been outlawed. The recent concern over concussions has increased the debate over the safety and utility of the football helmet as a deterrent to injuries seen and unseen.

The utility and effectiveness of the football helmet have been proven over and over again as there are untold thousands of collisions between players in both game and practice situations resulting in no injuries. Helmets allow players to take a multitude of hits without inducing serious injury. There is a question regarding the frequency and quantity of these collisions and the ultimate toll they take on the athlete.

Sending players out into the field fully-equipped with the latest safety technology is no guarantee that injuries will not occur. Most players, parents, and coaches understand these risks and decide these are chances they are willing to take in order to fully participate in the great game of football.

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