Helmet Chinstrap: Choosing the Right Size and Style

Football helmets are immensely important to keep your head in one piece on the field, but there’s more to choosing one than meets the eye. Finding a helmet that fits you or your child properly could be the difference between a major injury and no injury at all.

One of the main components you’ll need to look at is a helmet chinstrap. Use this guide to help you find the right style of helmet chinstrap and pick the right size so the helmet fits snugly game after game.

Helmet Chinstrap- Choosing the Right Size and Style

Find Your Style

Buying a chinstrap for a football helmet seems simple, but many people don’t understand that there are multiple styles. There are also many things you need to consider.

The most common style of chinstrap is one with a low profile made to fit multiple size groups. Most of these come in size small through XL and are good for players of all levels. However, low profile chinstraps aren’t always good for players that take a lot of regular contacts.

If you’re a player who gets hit a lot, like a running back or a blocker, consider something with a higher profile that provides a bit more depth in terms of cushioning. These will keep you from getting injured and having to stay off the field for a few plays to a few games.

Know Your Helmet Size

Believe it or not, many players simply don’t know what size helmet they wear. This can be a major problem, especially for kids who don’t tend to pay attention to these sorts of things.

To pick the right chinstrap, you need to know your exact helmet size. When shopping, even if you’re ordering online, find out which straps fit which size helmets.

Remember, you need to make a distinction between adult size helmets and youth helmets. These will fit different and impact the way a strap fits on a helmet.

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