How Decals Make a Helmet Even Safer

Decals on a helmet help designate what team a player belongs to. They also give the appearance of a fierce competitor when applied properly. However, there’s a little more to decals on a football helmet that meets the eye.

The fact is that there are some decals that can actually help protect your head. We all know football can be dangerous, so minimizing the risk, whether it’s for you or your child is very important.

Keep reading to learn more about decals that promote safety on the field:

Helmet Design

Helmet Design for Different Sports

Before you can really understand how a decal can help protect your head during a football game, you need to know how helmets work. If you were going to design a safer on yourself, what would you do?

Most people say more padding or thicker straps around the face, but those have been tested, and the helmets we use are very safe in those regards. What most people don’t think about is friction.

Helmets are already designed to provide minimal friction, but decals may be an even better way to make sure head to head contact doesn’t result in a serious injury or discomfort for the players.

Slick Decals

Slick Decals for your sports helmets

Today, more teams and players are using specially designed decals to reduce friction. Sometimes referred to as slippery decals, these decals tend to deflect other helmets when they come into contact better than without the decal.

All helmets have decals to denote team players and organizations, so it makes sense to get smart about how they can impact safety on the field as well. While a decal may not prevent all injuries that can occur during a game of football, they very well may have an impact on head injuries among players of all ages.

That’s an important start when it comes to protecting players on the field.

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