How to Find The Best Running Shorts That Suits Your Style

There are as many different styles and types of running shorts as there are runners. Every person has their own preference when it comes to fit, fabric, and features. Knowing what makes you the most comfortable will help you determine what type of running shorts you should wear. It's important that the shorts are comfortable and practical to allow you the freedom you need to meet your stride with each step.

Men and women running in shorts

Be Gender Specific

When it comes to gender, you have three different types of shorts. Unisex shorts are designed for both men and women. Men's shorts have a liner inside that is designed to support the male anatomy without the restrictions of a jockstrap. Women's shorts are cut slightly different to allow for wider hips and a narrower waistline.

With a Liner or Without

Both men's and women's shorts are made with or without liners. Liners are extremely lightweight and designed to allow maximum movement without being too revealing. Liners are made from an extremely breathable fabric that wicks away moisture and keeps you as dry as possible while you are running. Some liners are designed with small pockets that allow you to carry small items. There are many brands of running shorts that are made without liners.

Different Types of Running Shorts

In addition to the various features each style of running shorts have, they also come in a variety of types. Compression shorts are tight-fitting and move fluidly along with the body. V-notch shorts give the legs a little more room during the stretch. Split running shorts allow for maximum reach with binding around the thighs. While the split and the notch are similar, the V-shaped notch is slightly more restrictive.

Various Fabrics to Choose From

Most running shorts are made from a polyester or polyester blends that are both lightweight and effective at wicking moisture away from the body. Cotton and other natural fibers hold on to moisture, making them cling onto skin more and can cause irritation. Polyester-spandex blends also hold their shape much better and stretch with each movement.


For many, leg length is a personal choice. Some people like a longer leg simply because they like the way the shorts look. Others prefer a much shorter cut because it allows for maximum freedom of movement with very little restriction or binding with each step.

The running shorts you choose will depend on your specific preferences. With all of the different styles and fabrics to choose from, you can find exactly what want that will feel comfortable every time you set out for a run.


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