How to Take Care of Custom Vehicle Magnets

Custom magnets are a great advertising tool. They make your logo visible in places where it normally wouldn't be found. Magnets located on your vehicle can be seen in any area you drive through. They are also easy to spot when your vehicle is parked on your company's lot. Visibility is the key purpose for choosing custom vehicle magnets. Since you want them to be visible, you need to keep them looking their best at all times.

How to Take Care of Custom Vehicle Magnets

Here are some steps to take care of custom vehicle magnets:

Remove Magnets on a Daily Basis

The best way to keep both your car magnets and your car looking their best is to remove your magnets, every day when you park your vehicle. Even though your custom magnets may appear to lay flat on the surface of your paint, there may be areas where dirt and moisture can work their way underneath. If your magnets are left in place, this can not only damage your paint but also cause your magnets to deteriorate as well.

Lay Them Flat During Storage

Once you remove your custom magnets from your vehicle, lay them flat. Laying them flat during storage will prevent the edges from curling or cracking. Hanging or trying to lean your magnets can cause them to bend or twist, altering the way they will lay against your car's surface. Most car magnets come in a box or a sleeve when you get them from the shop.

Don't Forget the First Two Rules!

Following the first two rules of caring for your custom magnets is extremely important. Even if you aren't overly worried about your magnets, you need to consider the damage that can be caused if they are left on your vehicle for too long. The surface of your vehicle actually has small micropores that can trap water and dirt. Leaving your magnets on your vehicle can cause that moisture and dirt to remain trapped, causing gradual paint discoloration and damage to your vehicle.

Your custom vehicle magnets are an investment in your business, much like the vehicles, you intend to put them on. If you want both to last, you need to take care of them according to the manufacturer's instructions. For your car magnets, that means removing them every night and storing them in the proper position. Lay them flat and make sure to wipe down your vehicle to remove any dirt and moisture.

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