How to Wash and Dry Your Screen-printed T-shirts

Whether you have screen-printed t-shirts to express your style, promote your brand, or support a special cause, caring for them properly is essential to keep them in top condition. Here is some useful information on washing and drying your screen-printed t-shirts.

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Caring for Screen-Printed T-Shirts – Do’s and Don’ts

Do this when you wash your screen-printed t-shirts: 

  • Turn the shirts inside out to protect the print from abrasions
  • Wash with those made of similar fabrics to decrease pilling and lint transferring
  • Use a mild detergent
  • Wash in cold water or at temperatures below 90° Fahrenheit
  • Wash with your hands or using the washing machine’s gentle cycle

After washing:

  • Dry the screen-printed t-shirt by hanging it or laying it flat. 
  • If necessary, iron the screen-printed t-shirt inside out using a cool iron (lowest temperature). Ironing it between two pieces of cloth will help preserve the design.

Do not do this when washing your screen-printed shirts:

  • Dry Clean – Chemicals in the dry cleaning process can cause staining or spotting on screen-printed t-shirts.
  • Bleach (Especially Chlorine Bleach) – The bleaching agents will discolor dyes and fabric threads used in screen printing.
  • Use Fabric Softener – Fabric softener degrades the screen-printing ink, causing it to crack or fade.

Other Common Issues 

  • Pilling
    Despite the quality, all fabrics are prone to pilling. Friction during washing or wearing causes pilling (fuzz balls) by loosening the fabric’s fibers and pulling them away from the fabric. Though a hand-held fabric shaver can help eliminate pills, it is better to wash the t-shirts inside out.
  • Shrinkage 
    The heat from dryers and washing in hot water shrink the t-shirts (especially those made of 100% cotton). Pre-shrinking the garment before screen printing can prevent further shrinkage. 
  • Hard Water 
    Minerals found in hard water deposit in the fabric’s fibers, making them stiff and increasing the chances of pilling. Hard water degrades screen-printing dyes and colors, causing them to fade or run. Soaking the screen-printed garments in a water and white vinegar solution before washing prevents pilling and discoloration. 

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