Important Aspects You Should Consider When Buying a Football Chin Strap

Football helmets are important for your protection on the field, for proper fitting and added protection, you will need a chin strap. There are different types of chin straps and each may vary in its looks, features, flexibility, durability, cost, and more.

Important aspects to consider when buying a football chin strap

Consider these factors when buying a football chin strap:

  • Material

    Chin straps should be soothing and securable for players. To experience these things, you can choose a strap that is made out of nylon material. Nylon chin straps can help players to achieve the level of comfort and securability they desire.

  • Shells and Padding

    Usually, chin straps feature medical-grade foam or impact-resistant polycarbonate shells to prevent injuries when wearing one. Chin straps containing hypoallergenic foam and removable padding can help you avoid irritation and enable you to wash your gear to get rid of any dirt or sweat that has accumulated.

  • Determine Your Style

    There are multiple kinds of chinstrap styles available to choose from. However, low profile chin straps are the most common style preferred by players. These straps come in small to XL sizes. A low profile chin strap may not be ideal for players that take a lot of regular contacts.

    If you are a frequent runner, blocker or someone who gets hit a lot, you should consider choosing a high profile chin strap. These provide in-depth cushioning and can help protect you from on-field injuries.

  • Know Your Size

    Football helmets come in youth and adult sizes. It is important to know your size so that you can feel comfortable when wearing one. The helmet size impacts the way a strap fits on it. Make an effort to find out your helmet size to choose the right chin strap.

Chinstrap Decals

chin strap decals

You can buy chinstrap decals, which provide a fantastic finishing touch on your helmets. They are made out of vinyl material and stick tight with professional-grade adhesive. You can customize these straps with your name, team slogan, and more.

How to Attach Chinstrap on a Helmet

Consider these tips for attaching a helmet strap:

  • Buckle the top-most straps to the buttons corresponding to earholes. Put the helmet on your head and chin strap cup under your chin.
  • Buckle the bottom straps on both sides to the buttons below your earholes.
  • The chin strap cup should be firm against the chin to keep the helmet in position. You can tighten the strap if required. Football July 2019
  • You can adjust the straps to tighten the helmet. If it is the first time you are fitting, you may need to take off your helmet to make adjustments.
  • Once you have got the right fit, unbuckle the helmet, leaving the top-most straps in position. Now, you can put the helmet on and take it off regularly by only adjusting the chin strap.

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