How to Make a Lamp out of a Football Helmet

Football helmet lamps are an excellent gift for a teenage athlete or as a memento for a former football player. The lamps are easy to make and an ideal way to show team spirit. A football helmet lamp makes a great Christmas or Father's Day gift!

DIY Tips to Make a Lamp out of a Football Helmet

The following steps will allow you to make a fully functional football helmet lamp:

  • Cowboys Football Helmet Lamp

    Find a small football helmet – You can find football helmets at thrift stores or you can talk to a local school or athletic organization to see if they have any old equipment they want to get rid of.

  • Gather all the tools, electric components, and a wood base – Many of the things you will need can be found around the house. Whatever you need, you can find at your local hardware store. If you use a socket and cord from a lamp you have dismantled, connect the cord and socket and test them to make sure it works.

  • Clean the helmet thoroughly, inside and out. Once the helmet is clean, you can attach a school sticker or decal if one isn't already on it. Remove the center pad at the top of the helmet and drill a hole big enough for the hollow post or pipe to fit through.

  • Drill a hole through the base so that it lines up with the hole in the helmet. Glue the helmet to the base and allow it to cure for several hours.

  • Insert the center post through the helmet and feed the electric cord through the base and the post so you can attach the socket.

  • Attach the socket to the electrical cord and then to the center post making sure not to bind or bend the cord in the process.

  • Make sure the electrical cord is secured as it comes through the base.

  • Put a light bulb in the socket and place the shade on top.

You can use almost any blank helmet and order decals from us to make the gift complete.


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