Popular Trends for Men's Performance T-Shirts in 2018

Men's performance T-shirts are the ideal way to boost team spirit. The traditional T-shirt design is a thing of the past. New trends embrace a new way of thinking when it comes to athletics and how fans support their team.

Trends for Men's Performance T-Shirts in 2018

While putting the name and number on the back of a sports T-shirt is still a popular idea, colors, logos and quotes are quickly becoming popular trends.

Variety of Colors

Variety of Colors in T-Shirt

If you love your team but aren't a fan of their colors, many teams are offering shirts in more popular colors that boast a color-neutral logo. Team colors are always the mainstay, but for many a change of pace may be what's needed. Especially for fans that have a personal favorite when it comes to color. Having one or more colors to choose from will increase your team's visibility.

Slogans and Quotes

Slogans and Quotes on T-Shirt

Slogans and quotes are also becoming extremely popular. Design a T-shirt using the team's logo and their go-to phrase for getting the fans on their feet. Find out what people are saying about the team, and more importantly what the players are saying. Putting a team's battle cry on fan shirts is a great way for them to show their support.

Customized Designs on T-shirts

Custom T-Shirts

How you design your men's performance T-shirts will determine how popular they are. Follow the trends that are becoming popular in 2018 and explore your options. Mix and match a few of the more popular ideas and create your own team fan statement. Throw in a few popular colors or slogans to round out the mix and you will have a popular design that everyone will want to showcase.

Always be on the lookout for new trends that appear later in the year. It's never too late to update your 2018 design.


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