Quick and Easy Ways to Remove Old Helmet Decals

You need to remove those old decals from your football helmet. Perhaps you are sending it in to be reconditioned. Maybe you are changing the old school letter to a mascot design, or changing the color of your stripes. Whatever may be the reason, here are some quick and easy techniques using common items you may have around the house of gym.

Quick and Easy Ways to Remove Old Helmet Decals

Depending on the quality of the decals, simply taking the edge of an old credit card or plastic knife from a fast food restaurant and peeling the decal away from the helmet can be efficient. The best quality decals are about 20 mils thick which makes them softer and more malleable even after a year or more of use. Simply pry and edge of the decal until you can get a grip on it with your fingers, then slowly peel off the helmet.

Another technique for removing decals is to use a strong fishing line. Wind a length of line on each index finger with about 6-7 inches in between. Glide the fishing line under the edge of the decal and pull it along, cutting through the adhesive. You might want to use a sawing (back and forth) motion to speed the process.

In many cases, most of the adhesive will come up with the decal. If not, you can use warm vinegar or products like Goo-Gone or WD40 on a soft cloth to wipe away the excess adhesive. When the adhesive is cleaned completely, use a soap and water mix to clean off the residue from the vinegar or WD40. NEVER use strong, solvent-based liquids that can undermine the integrity and safety of your helmet!

If the decal has become brittle, using a hair dryer on a low setting might help soften it so that it will peel easier. Never use a dryer on the highest, hottest setting or a heat gun, which could compromise the construction of the helmet, making it unsafe to wear!

The best quality decals will still retain some of their adhesive and most of their color and can be applied to notebooks or locker doors as a memento.

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