How to Repair the Peeling Numbers and Letters on Your Sports Jersey

Sports jerseys are made of sturdy fabric that can survive many washes; however, it’s the numbers and letters decals that start peeling away after a few washes. While it is difficult to restore the decals to their original state, you can still fix them for a nicer look and better durability.

Repair the Peeling Numbers and Letters on Your Sports Jersey

Why Are the Numbers and Letters Peeling off Your Jersey?

Numbers and letters decals on your sports jerseys are made from a plastic material, and they have an adhesive layer at the back which can get loosened upon overlong exposure to water, like during washing. Carelessly rubbing the fabric during washing only makes the decals more prone to wear and tear. That’s why it is recommended to take extra care of the numbers and letters on your sports jersey when washing.

How to Fix the Peeling Numbers and Letters on a Sports Jersey

You can repair the peeling numbers and letters on your sports jersey by following the procedure below.

Things That You’ll Need to Repair Numbers Peeling off a Jersey

  • Jerseys that have peeling numbers
  • Iron
  • Plain white paper
  • Cardboard or small cutting board

Here are the steps to repair peeling numbers and letters on a sports jersey:

  1. Start with a Washed Jersey

    It’s better to wash your sports jersey beforehand as it will allow the jersey number to be clean (so that it won’t accidentally set-in stains during repair) and completely dry (to make the iron heating more effective) as you start with the repair work.

    Learn how to wash your sports jersey properly.

  2. Use a Cardboard for Positioning the Peeling Numbers

    Place the cardboard underneath the peeling number, and between the inside and outside of the jersey. Make sure that the cardboard is positioned under the numbers and that the numbers you're going to fix are still intact.

  3. Place the White Paper as a Barrier to Direct Heat

    Place the plain white paper over the number to protect it from direct heat as you iron the number as instructed in the following step. Direct heat can melt your decals right away. Ensure that the lifted sections of the number are flattened underneath the plain paper before you continue with ironing.

  4. Apply the Iron Heat with the Steam Turned Off

    Make sure your iron’s steam function is off before you continue. The water spray released from your iron can moisten the plain paper, leaving the plastic number susceptible to melting from direct heat.

    Start ironing the number over the white paper. Use only the tip of your iron, and press just the edge of the curling number or letter. Begin slowly, with a very short pressing time, then gradually increase the contact time, until you see the number or letter sticking again to the fabric. Keep the iron moving and don’t let it glide away to the plastic fabric.

  5. Pull Away the White Paper While It’s Still Hot

    After the numbers stick back to your fabric, take off the iron and pull away the white paper while it’s still hot. Make sure to pull away the paper towards the edge of the number. For example, if you’re working on the bottom of the number, you will want to pull the paper down.

  6. Do the Touch-Up Using the Same Process

    Carefully observe your numbers and letters as you may need to do some touch-ups. Follow the same process for the required touch-up.


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