How to Take Care of Your Custom Designed T-Shirt

A custom designed t-shirt is something you want to maintain for as long as possible. Every time you wear it, you run the risk of staining it or messing it up in some way. The best way to preserve your one of a kind shirt is to be extra careful while wearing it and take the following precautions when washing it.

How to Take Care of Your Custom Designed T-Shirt

Turn Them Inside Out to Wash

Always turn your printed t-shirts inside out when you wash them. This protects the print or design from being damaged by coming in contact with the sides of the washer or dryer. If you treat a stain, you can still wash your shirt inside out to protect the design.

Wash Colors with Colors and Whites with Whites

Always wash colors with colors and whites with whites. Even though you are washing whites with whites, avoid using bleach or other harsh detergents. They can cause the design or print to deteriorate and eventually crack or peel away.

Use Cold Water

Washing your custom designed t-shirt in cold water will prevent the colors from fading or running. Cold water helps to maintain the color of the fabric and preserve the print. Using hot water may weaken the paint or printed material, causing it to lift or fade.

Don't Dry Your Shirts in the Sun

Drying any type of colored fabric in the sun can cause the color and design to fade. The UV rays of the sun can have detrimental effects on both the fabric and the material that is used to create the print. Be safe and allow your custom designed t-shirt to dry in the shade.

If you want to keep your custom designed t-shirt looking its best, you need to take proper care of it, especially when you wash it. These few simple tips can keep your t-shirt looking brand new for years to come.

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