What You Should Consider When Buying Women’s Lacrosse Helmets

When you play any sport, you need to make sure you have the right equipment. Women lacrosse players require the same equipment as men; this includes helmets that help prevent injury. There are several things to remember when you start looking for women’s lacrosse helmets. Even equipment that is provided to you by your school or team should meet these requirements.

Here’s what you should consider while getting women’s lacrosse helmets:

Women’s Lacrosse Helmets

Proper Fit

Lacrosse Helmet Purchase Guide - Proper Fit

All of the foam pieces inside the helmet should be firmly attached and still maintain a fair amount of cushion. When the lacrosse helmet is properly placed on the head, you should still be able to see without having your view obstructed. The ear holes should also be located directly over your ears so you can hear what is going on around you.

Sturdy Face Guard

Lacrosse Helmet Purchase Guide - Sturdy Face Guard

The face guard should be sturdy and in good condition. It should be firmly affixed to the helmet so that it won't come loose if you happen to receive a hit. Your face guard should cover your face and protect your face without blocking your view. Check to see how the guard is attached to ensure that it won't come loose while you're wearing it.

Reliable Straps

Lacrosse Helmet Purchase Guide - Reliable Straps

Lacrosse players are extremely competitive. They must be quick on their feet and ready to get into the middle of a play if they want to make a score. This means that the helmet they wear must be able to withstand a lot of strenuous activity. Having reliable straps that will remain fastened even during the roughest plays is a must. Before buying any lacrosse helmet, take a close look at the straps to ensure they will remain secured at all times.

The Right Decal

Lacrosse Helmet Purchase Guide - The Right Decal

Lastly, you want to find a helmet that you put your team decal on. Take a lacrosse helmet decal with you so that you can check how well it will fit and whether or not it needs to be trimmed. Having your decal properly affixed to your lacrosse helmet will ensure that everyone knows who you play for.

Make the most of your sporting experience by choosing the perfect lacrosse helmet for your individual needs. Safety should always be your first concern. With the right helmet and your Pro-Tuff Decals, you will not only be able to play safely, but you will also look your very best doing it!


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