Things to Consider While Purchasing Light Pole Banners

Your outdoor signage says a lot about the time and money you invest in your business. There are several different types of outside signage ranging from large billboards to light pole banners that can be placed right in front of your business. The size of your storefront and how many people you want to reach with your signage will determine which type you choose.

Things to consider While Purchasing Light Pole Banners

Light Pole Banners

Light pole banners are smaller than storefront signage and hang on light poles. They are held in place by a durable metal frame that attaches to the pole. One of the benefits of light pole banners is that you can order multiple designs and change them every few months to signal the changing of the seasons or special sales you may be having.

Durable Material

Light pole banners are made from durable materials that will withstand the elements. The colors will not fade if they are placed in direct sunlight. The material must be durable enough to remain in place but light enough to not damage the pole. Banners are often made of polyurethane plastic or rubberized canvas. It's also important that the metal frame be lightweight but also strong enough to hold the banner in place without being bent by strong gusts of wind.

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Easy to Read

Your banner must be easy to read without having to strain your eyes. Once you know the size of the banner, you will need to know how big the letters must be so they can be seen from a distance. Making them overly large will make the signage look bulky. If the letters are small, people will pass by it without even making an attempt to read it. The key is to find the perfect middle ground that is both comfortable to the eyes and aesthetically pleasing.

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