Tips for Buying a Youth Softball Bat

Choosing the right softball bat for a young person will help them hit the ball with more consistency. Having the right size and weight will also prevent them from injuring their wrists and arms as they swing. Bats vary in many ways. Making sure to choose the bat that meets a person’s individual needs is extremely important.

Tips to buy a youth softball bat


There are several ways to measure a softball bat.

One way is by first centering the knob with the middle of your chest and extending the bat to the side. If you can comfortably reach the end of the bat with your fingertips, the bat is the right length. Now, shift the bat to the front of your body while still keeping the knob centered on your chest. If you can grab the barrel of the bat, the bat is the correct length. Lastly, point the tip of the bat on the ground while keeping the bat to one side of the body. If the knob of the bat rests in the palm, the bat should be the correct length.


A bat’s weight is a personal preference for most, but will also have a lot to do with a person’s strength. Those who have played for a few years may be able to handle a heavier bat with ease. A person who is new to the sport or has a slight build may do better by starting out with a lighter bat before progressing to a heavier one. Using a bat that’s too heavy can negatively impact their swing by causing them to swing too low and under the pitches. If a person is able to grasp the bat and hold it out to the side for 20 to 30 seconds, the weight is about right. If their hand starts to drop before the 20-second mark, you should opt for a lighter weight bat until they are able to handle a heavier one.

Drop and Grip

The difference between the length of the softball bat and its weight is referred to as the drop. Heavy bats tend to have a smaller drop number. If a person has been playing for a while, take the appropriate measurements before you go shopping. Having the right drop as well as a good grip will improve the person’s batting average and give him/her a better chance of making full contact with the ball.

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