Tips for Choosing the Right Football Facemask

Facemasks are a requirement for most sports that involve wearing a helmet. They are designed to protect the entire face, especially the eyes, nose, and mouth. During hard contact sports like football and baseball, a player is focused more on making the play and less on safety. A quality facemask allows them to keep their mind in the game without having to worry about getting hit in the face.


Facemasks for football helmets are made from three materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, or titanium. Carbon steel is the heaviest of the materials and generally costs the least. Titanium, on the other hand, is lightweight, extremely durable, and far and away from the most expensive. Stainless steel falls in the middle, being of average weight and moderately priced. All three rank high in terms of durability. The determining choices for most tend to be the weight of the mask and its cost.

Useful tips for choosing football helmet facemask

Closed or Open Cage

When choosing a football facemask, you will need to ensure that your face is protected and that the field of vision is as clear as possible. There are two types of football facemasks for you to choose from, an open-cage face mask or a closed-cage. An open facemask is more open around the eyes and allows for maximum visibility. With an open cage, you have more visibility toward the sides so you don't have to turn your head as far as to maintain your field of vision. Quarterbacks, wide receivers, and safeties do better with an open-cage facemask.

Football players who are engaged in blocking, tackling or other types of hard contact would do best to have a closed-cage football facemask. A closed-cage facemask adds more protection, especially around the most vulnerable areas. While it may limit the player's visibility, the added protection prevents injury to the eyes and nose that is sometimes sustained during a tackle. A closed-cage also adds extra support to the jawline to prevent damage to the teeth and mouth.

Football Helmet Visor or Shield


Many players opt to purchase football facemasks that have visors built into them. You can purchase a clear visor for play under the lights or after dark or you can choose a tinted visor to protect your eyes from the sun. Tinted visors are also used to prevent the opponent from seeing your eyes during play. This helps to disguise your intended plans and can possibly prevent them from seeing who you are going to pass to.

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Several factors go into choosing the right football facemask. It's essential to know your position and what will be expected of you while you are on the field. The need for a maximum field of vision may be a game-changer. Take the time you need to try a few on your helmet. Make sure they are a comfortable fit so that you can play to your fullest potential.

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