Tips for Selecting the Right Men's Lacrosse Helmet

Lacrosse is a fast-paced, exhilarating sport. While you are fighting your opponent for the ball, you want to make sure your helmet is both strong and durable. Because full-body contact is allowed in lacrosse, each player must be fully prepared and equipped to stay competitive. Here are some tips to remember when buying the right helmet.

Men playing lacrosse in lacrosse helmets

Safety Is A Priority

Safety should always be your first priority when purchasing a lacrosse helmet. The shape of the helmet must allow for full visibility and hearing, but also protect the head from damaging blows during the heat of competition. Head injuries are no laughing matter so when you choose your lacrosse helmet, your first concern should be how well it will protect you during the roughest scrimmages.

Secure Fit

When looking for a lacrosse helmet, one of the first things to consider is the size. For a helmet to do its job properly, it must fit snugly but not be restrictive in any way. The strap should be adjustable so that the helmet remains securely in place and doesn't slip or shift during impact. There are several different types of straps to choose from. If you have questions, speak to your coach to ensure you get the right one that will hold your helmet securely without binding or restricting the movement of your head.

Easy to Maintain

New helmets come with removable padding that can be swapped out when it gets damaged or worn. You can also find inflatable inserts that can be used to make sure the helmet remains secure at all times. Another aspect of maintaining your helmet is to clean it regularly. Make sure that any helmet you buy is easy to clean and disinfect whenever it is needed.


Try to find a helmet that is easy to customize. No one wants a plain helmet. Look for helmets that have an area for the decal of your team so that you fit in with everyone else. Lacrosse decals can also be used to make a statement. Stickers can be used for the number of goals scored, etc. You can also design a perfect decal for your lacrosse helmet online.

Your lacrosse helmet should be strong, durable, and easy to maintain. It should provide you with the protection you need to prevent various types of injuries associated with high impact sports. If you have any questions about the type of helmet you should purchase, talk to a coach or trainer to find one that best suits you.


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