Tips to Prevent Car Window Decals & Bumper Stickers from Tearing Off

When you place a window decal or bumper sticker on your vehicle, you expect it to remain in place until you choose to take it off. Since it will be exposed to the weather, decals and stickers tend to tear away or start to fray around the edges.

Tips to Prevent Car Window Decals & Bumper Stickers from Tearing Off

The following tips will help you keep your car window and bumper stickers in place for much longer:

Get Rid of Old Glue or Residue

Car window decalsBefore you apply a new sticker, you need to make sure all of the old glue and adhesive residue has been completely removed, and the area is free of any dust or debris. Apply an adhesive remover to the area and let it set for few seconds. Gradually wipe away with a cloth and check to make sure the old residue is gone.

Affix the Decal in Warmer Weather

Decals that have a “permanent” adhesive can take up to 3 days to cure once it's applied to your window or bumper. Applying it in warmer temperatures softens the adhesive allowing it to affix itself to the surface of your vehicle much faster and stronger than if it was applied in cooler temperatures.

Removable Adhesive

Many stickers and decals are applied with a removable adhesive, but that doesn't mean it will come off with a simple spray and wipe. Even the mildest adhesive can leave a sticky residue.

Non-adhesive Static Clings

Non-adhesive static clings are easy to remove and replace as long as you put them in place with a little moisture. They don't have any type of adhesive so it may be difficult to keep them in place for long periods of time. These types of decals are placed only on the interior side of the glass.

Stickers and Decals with a Reflective Surface

Reflective stickers and decals have an extremely strong adhesive, so if you plan on placing them anywhere on your vehicle, you only have one chance to get it right. If you do make a mistake, you will have to use heat to take the decal off and try to reposition it.

If you want to keep car window decals and bumper stickers attached to your vehicle, you need to know what makes them come off. Take the time to learn about the adhesives that are used and plan the placement of your decals and stickers, so you only have to put them in place one time.


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