Vinyl Window Decals: How to Remove Air Bubbles from Them

Air bubbles on window decals can negatively affect the look of your vehicle. The good news is that removing the air bubbles from your window decals is pretty simple if you know what you need to do.

How to Remove Air Bubbles from Vinyl Window Decals

Here's what you should do to remove the air bubbles from window decals and stickers:

  1. Re-stick it If you're using a static cling sticker, you can start by removing it with soapy water and then re-sticking it to the glass. The water will evaporate out from beneath the cling in a day or so, and the decal will eventually relax into the glass without any air bubbles.

  2. Pop it If you're using vinyl stickers, you might have to resort to using a knife with a 60-degree blade to pop the bubbles.

  3. Apply Using Soapy Water A relatively easy way to remove air bubbles is to soak the decal in soapy water and spray the glass with soapy water before applying it. The water will evaporate, taking the air bubble away with it.

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  4. Go with removable acrylic You can use removable acrylic adhesive stickers that can last up to six months and can then get replaced. That way you won't be stuck with air bubbles or worn-looking window decals forever.

    Be careful to remove the stickers in time. Else they could harden and become permanent. So make sure you stay vigilant with your replacement schedule.

  5. Go with static cling decals or stickers Another option is to use static cling material that uses plasticizers, which soften the window decals and allow them to be affixed to super-smooth surfaces. These types of clings don't tend to get as many air bubbles.

If you need help dealing with air bubbles or finding the right window decals and stickers, contact us today. You'll find everything you need to have great-looking, bubble-free decals.


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