Want to Wear Your Mask Comfortably? Use Mask Straps!


Though people are getting vaccinated and the COVID-19 cases are subsiding, it is still essential and recommended by the CDC to wear a mask to contain the spread of the virus. However, wearing a mask for an extended period can put pressure on the back of your ears and cause discomfort. This is why you should consider using mask straps that are quite similar to lanyards for eyeglasses.

They attach to the ear straps of your mask, relieving the pressure on your ears while helping you hang the mask around your neck when not in use. Moreover, it helps you avoid placing it on high-contact surfaces (like tables and chairs), thus reducing your risk for cross-infection.

Get Flexible Mask Straps at Pro-Tuff Decals

At Pro-Tuff Decals, we offer Unisex Face Mask Strap with an adjustable fit. These straps are made of elastic fabric attached to the ear loops, holding the mask in place against your head while allowing you to wear it conveniently.  They also come in six different colors to match your specific style and needs.

Besides straps, we also offer different types of face masks, including:

These face masks come with an elastic fit to comfortably wrap around your head throughout the day. While the outer polyester layer is lightweight and 100% breathable, the inner cotton layers ensure enhanced comfort and filtration. These masks are reusable and customizable according to your specifications.

 Made of microfiber polyester (double layer) or polyester and cotton (triple layer), these masks have elastic ear loops and seams to hold them in place while providing utmost comfort to the wearer.

These cotton-polyester face masks are soft and comfortable to wear. You also have the option to choose black or white fabric and have your team logo or artwork imprinted on it.

If you are looking for the best face-covering strap or face mask, visit our website or contact us today at 800-223-6936 to place an order.



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