What Do Decals on Football Helmets Mean?

It is a common sight to see decals or the stickers on the helmets worn by US football players. The trend was started by Miami University, Ohio in 1965. It was the first one to award helmet stickers. The stickers signify different thing depending on the various types worn. Decals or stickers can be used to denote player achievements, ceremonies, commemoration and for team use. Most of the stickers are given on the merit of football players. These are some of the most popular stickers or the decals that can be found on the helmets of US football players:

What do Decals on Football Helmets Mean

  1. Commemorative Stickers – These mostly come in black with a number or initial engraved on them. A commemorative sticker indicates the engravings of a deceased player, coach or any other individual considered very important for the community, team or the sport. Example – “GU 63” is worn by NFL players in memory of the death of Gene Upshaw. Another example is the players of Mississippi State University wearing “36” on their helmets in honor of their deceased teammate Nick Bell.

  2. Pride Stickers – Football players often decorate their helmets with these stickers. These come in various designs, colors and patterns and are mostly related to a specific team or school. These are popular for players from youth football to the college. These indicate the performance of football players all through the season. There are two different stickers, one for offensive achievements and another for defensive achievements. Example – “hammers” are for defensive achievements and “stars” are used for offensive achievements.

  3. NFL Helmet's Green Sticker or Decals – A green dot has been noticed on the helmets of NFL players. It indicates that the helmet is connected to a two-way microphone radio set. The purpose is to connect the coach and the players at various events during the game. They can discuss if something is important.

The aforementioned stickers or decals are very popular in the US. They not only look stylish, but they represent certain meaningful associations with the game or the players in both small and big ways. Creative and unique helmet decals add some zing to the game.

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