What to Consider While Designing an Outdoor Banner

If you're going to invest in outdoor banners as a way of promoting your business, you will want to get as much out of your investment as possible. Flagpole banners don't provide you with a lot of space, so you need to choose your message carefully while making sure that it is easy to see.

Things to Consider While Designing an Outdoor Banner

If you are thinking about creating an outdoor banner, there are a few things you should first consider:

Easy to Read

Keep in mind that you can only relay a short message due to the limited space on banners. Therefore, some people simply stick to putting their brand and a short slogan on their banner. It's quick, to the point and very easy to read. It also reinforces your brand's slogan with the image of your logo. This helps people to remember one when they see the other. If you have the right design, you won't have to say much of anything to get your point across.

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Bright Colors on a Neutral Background

Use bright colors that are eye-catching. A well-designed banner will have just as much color as necessary to attract a person's attention without going overboard. Using a neutral background will make your logo and slogan pop. Once you have their attention, you can use your window displays and other types of messaging to complement the message on your banner.

Proper Placement

When you design your banner, you will need to have the right size and shape so that it will fit nicely in the location you have in mind. If you can get away with using an odd size or shape, that's even better. An odd shape will attract the customer's attention. The right design strategically placed on that shape will pique their interest and make them want to learn more.

Outdoor banners are a great way to attract attention to your business. The best thing is, when you make your banner evergreen, it can be put in storage and brought out year after year for a different change of pace. Banners are one of the most versatile forms of signage and allow you to express yourself in many different ways.


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