When Is the Best Time to Apply Car Decals?

Car decals that are applied with acrylic adhesives are extremely durable and can hold up under all types of weather, including heavy rains. Decals can be put almost anywhere on your vehicle as long as the surface has been properly cleaned and dried. The stickiness of the acrylic adhesive will even allow the decal to stick to a freshly waxed surface.

Best Time to Apply Car Decals

After You Wash Your Car

When you apply a car decal to your vehicle, you want it to lie smooth and give the appearance that is firmly affixed to the surface with no bubbles, bumps, wrinkles, or ridges. The best way to achieve this ultra-smooth appearance is to wash your car prior to applying the decal.

Once the car has been allowed to dry, the decal can be affixed smoothly and seamlessly with no bubbles or pieces of dirt stuck underneath. A good wipe down before and after the application will ensure bubbles and bumps are kept to a minimum.

After A Good Wax

If you plan on waxing your car, do it before you attempt to apply the decal. This will prevent color differentiations if the sticker is ever removed. If car decals are applied prior to the wax job, the paint under the decal may appear to be dull or lighter than the waxed portions of the vehicle.

The acrylic adhesive used to apply car decals will stick just as easily to a freshly waxed surface as they will to a dry surface with no wax. Waxing your car prior to attaching any type of decal or sticker also tends to protect the paint as well.

Car decals can range in size from pinstripes to large emblems that take up the entire hood of your car. When you apply your decal, it's important that you take the necessary precautions to ensure there is no dirt or dust on the surface.

Even if you have just finished waxing or drying your car, wiping it down one last time before you start the application will keep your car decal looking its best with no bumps or imperfections. A well-placed decal will make your car shine!


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