When Should I Replace or Recondition My Football Helmet?

Though football helmets are designed to endure hits and scratches, they won't last forever. In every game, your helmet can get dirty or have the paint chip off. Sometimes, your helmet can also get cracks or break! You should always make sure your helmet is adequately protecting you, so how do you determine it's time to replace or recondition your football helmet? Read more to get insights into it.

Reconditioning Football Helmet

Replacing a Football Helmet

Do not use your helmet if cracks or breaks are visible on its outer shell (plastic part). While impacting the overall structure of your helmet, these cracks can cause significant damage in the future.

After the outer shell, the helmet's padding must be in good condition. Your helmet's interior padding holds it securely against your head. Therefore, any damage to the padding can loosen your helmet, making it come off more easily, thus contributing to injuries.

Whether it is damaged padding or cracks, replacing the helmet is recommended. Reconditioning is only recommended if your football helmet is in good condition without any cracks.

Reconditioning a Football Helmet

If you used your helmet only a few times, you may not know the extent of the underlying damage it could have. Therefore, inspect your helmet to understand its structural integrity and whether it has started deteriorating.

Keeping your helmet unused for years can also degrade its padding and outer plastic shell, so recondition it. Reconditioning a football helmet involves completely dismantling it to check for any damage, including cracks, tears, and defects.

Damaged pieces, if any, will be removed and replaced. The helmet is then sanitized and recertified. Recertification is where your helmet undergoes safety checks to ensure it can withstand on-field impacts and is ready for use.

A good football helmet is imperative for a player's safety and protection on the field. Therefore, inspect your helmet every two years and replace or recondition it depending on its degree of damage, even if it appears to be in good condition without any visible damage.

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