WNBA Vs. NBA: What Are the Differences Between Them?

In the past, the WNBA and NBA games were very different. Instead of offering a consistent experience through each channel, the game's rules weren't the same everywhere, which seems to have been done to make the games more interesting. Although the WNBA does not pull as large an audience as the NBA, the female players participating in the sport accomplish incredible things. These sportspersons proved to young individuals from all over the globe that basketball is a game embraced by people of various racial and gender identities and that anyone can succeed professionally with effort and hard work.

David Stern, who presided over the NBA from 1984 to 2014, formed the WNBA in April 1996. Unfortunately, the 1997 debut season wasn’t a global success and didn’t receive the recognition it deserved. The WNBA league consists of 12 teams, and only eight were present during that first season.

Few people know the differences between the WNBA and the NBA due to the fairly small crowd sizes, less extensive TV coverage, and significantly smaller audience. The WNBA does several things differently from the NBA besides the obvious differences between gender. This post will root out all the significant information around WNBA Vs. NBA.

WNBA vs. NBA: What Differentiates the Both

Other than their date of establishment and gender requirements, there are several differences between the two. The standards, pieces of equipment, compensation, and stadium dimensions of the WNBA all differ. Let's explore some differences between NBA and WNBA leagues.

  • The proportion of a Basketball

You would spot the size difference between a WNBA ball and an official NBA basketball right away if you had ever played with one. The size of an NBA basketball is 29.5 inches, whereas a WNBA basketball is slightly smaller at 28.5 inches. Given that men and women typically have different-sized hands, this size disparity is a reasonable adjustment.

  • Average Revenue and Ticket Price

The NBA earns considerably more money than the WNBA during a season, earning $7.4 billion compared to only $60 million. The average price of an NBA ticket is also different than the WNBA, costing about $90 while WNBA tickets typically cost about $18.

  • Shot Clock with Quarter Length Times

When it comes to quarter length, there are significant differences between WNBA and NDA. The WNBA used to include two 20-minute halves with a 30-second shot clock when the league initially started. Since then, this has been modified, and the WNBA currently uses a 24-second shot clock and four 10-minute quarters. The WNBA and the NBA both have a shot clock of 24 seconds, but the NBA uses 12-minute quarters, slightly longer than the 10-minute ones of the WNBA.

  • Team Rosters

The team rosters are another difference between NBA and WNBA. A team may have a maximum of fifteen players on its roster at any given moment in the NBA, while in the WNBA, that number is limited to 12.

  • Ages Restrictions

The age restrictions for the two leagues fluctuate, along with the number of individuals on a roster. The NBA permits players to enter the draft as early as age 19, but they must also have finished at least a year of college. Players must be at least 22 years and have completed their college eligibility to participate in the WNBA.

  • Salary and Compensation

The WNBA pays its athletes a median wage of $102,751 as of 2022; on the other side, NBA players make an average of $8.5M. The WNBA earns a minimal fraction of what the NBA makes annually. The fact that NBA players receive 50% of that revenue, whereas WNBA players receive only roughly 25%, is the real argument.

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