Football Helmet Reconditioning: Why It Is Important

A football helmet must be reconditioned periodically for maximum safety and preserving the lifespan of the gear. According to manufacturer Riddell, an annual inspection is necessary to keep the helmet in top shape.

Football helmet reconditioning

Here's a deeper look at the reasoning behind reconditioning a football helmet and the process involved:

Football Helmet Wear and Tear

Over several games, helmets get scratched and banged up, which can damage decals. To maintain the helmet's aesthetic value and safety, the helmet must be inspected and tested. By getting annual inspections, you can cut maintenance and athletic program costs in the long run. It will ensure that the helmet is clean and restored to its optimal condition by professional technicians.

Even if a team tries to cut expenses on maintenance, they cannot afford to ignore the fact that the National Athletic Equipment Reconditioners Association (NAERA) recommends that a helmet should be reconditioned every two years over its lifespan. They say the helmet should be discarded completely if it has been through too much damage. When equipment is reconditioned, it must meet the performance standards set by the National Operating Committee for Sports Equipment (NOCSE).

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Reconditioning Process

The process of reconditioning team helmets can be summarized in just a handful of steps. First, the face masks are disconnected and then the interior parts of the helmet are tested. Decals are then removed and then sandpaper is applied to remove paint. Hot pressurized water and detergent then clean the helmets followed by rinsing and drying. Painted helmets will need a new coat of paint, which can be a different color.

The inspection process then shifts to close examination for hairline cracks and other signs of damage. The process is completed after adding warnings, other labels, and the recertification seal, as well as reassembling the helmet.

Planning a Reconditioning Budget

The cost of reconditioning helmets varies among individuals. Each helmet will be inspected for specific damage, as some helmets will be in better condition than others in a team environment. The costs usually range from $60 to $100, with the average falling between $40 and $50.


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