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Football Helmet Reconditioning: Why It Is Important

A football helmet must be reconditioned periodically for maximum safety and preserving the lifespan of the gear. According to manufacturer Riddell, an annual inspection is necessary to keep the helmet in top shape.Here's a deeper look at the reasoning behind reconditioning a football helmet and the process involved:Football Helmet Wear and TearOver several games, helmets get scratched and banged up, which...Continue reading

10 Best College Football Helmet Decals

The football season is here and you can show your support for your favorite team by getting customized helmet decals. Which teams are going to pull a surprise this season? We'll wait and see. But until then, here are the top ten football teams with the best helmet decals.Boise State Broncos Boise State has been making heads turn with its uniform in recent years. The mix of orange, blue and white has made...Continue reading

6 College Football Helmets That Are Considered the Best

Football might be one of the most exciting games on Earth, but everybody knows it can be dangerous too. That’s why it’s important to invest in only the best safety equipment.The way your helmet looks also plays a major role in your team’s image and even your on-field persona. Keep reading to learn more about the six best college football helmets that inspire players to win.Notre Dame Fighting IrishThe...Continue reading