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Vinyl Decals: A Fantastic Way to Decorate Your Locker Room

Locker rooms are specially designed rooms for athletes where they can change, shower, relax, or store gear. This room is also used for organizing their sports equipment and gear, safeguarding their items, obtaining scheduling information, catching up on training, and even getting some extra sleep.A locker room plays a very important role in a team's lives. They also act as a place where the athletes feel...Continue reading

NFL Football Rules and Terms You Should Know About

What makes American football so spectacular and fun is that it involves epic clashes and a complex play style in which 22 players give their all on the field.With The National Football League (NFL) season starting from September 8 this year, people are extremely hyped. Out of many rules involved in the sport, the basic NFL football rule is moving the ball downfield, towards, and into the opposing team's end...Continue reading

How to Make Waterproof Stickers for Helmets

Are you a sports enthusiast? Do you like biking or cycling on the high roads or the mountainous trails or playing football? If yes, you would want your helmets to look stylish and cool. Add newly created personalized stickers on your helmets to make them unique. Express your creative streak with unique decals for your helmets. But when you create decals for your helmet, make them waterproof so they will be durable and maintain their look.

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When Should I Replace or Recondition My Football Helmet?

Though football helmets are designed to endure hits and scratches, they won't last forever. In every game, your helmet can get dirty or have the paint chip off. Sometimes, your helmet can also get cracks or break! You should always make sure your helmet is adequately protecting you, so how do you determine it's time to replace or recondition your football helmet? Read more to get insights into it.

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Personalized Stretch to Fit Seat Back Covers Now Available at Pro-Tuff Decals!

With the stylish yet affordable personalized seat back covers offered at Pro-Tuff Decals, you can give a complete makeover to your old, boring chairs, transforming them into an emblem of sophistication and style. Available in distinct designs and colors, our chair back covers are exactly what you need to give your stadium or event a dramatic change.

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7 Reasons to Love Customized Hoodies and Sweatshirts

A hoodie is comfortable clothing loved by teens to adults because of its versatility. While keeping you warm and cozy during winter, a hoodie looks trendy and stylish. Its blend of fashion and convenience has made hoodies a wardrobe staple. Besides, you can customize the hoodies by adding a logo or text of your choice, making them look stylish and specific to your personality. 

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Customize Your Football Helmet with Pro-Tuff Decals

Pro-Tuff Decals has been delivering comfortable yet professional football helmet decals and stickers for over 30 years. Our football helmet decals are made with thick, flexible vinyl that can withstand cracking, buckling, or peeling. Additionally, our high-quality, waterproof adhesive will stick tightly without becoming gooey, ensuring a perfect and lasting finish.  

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